Nation-State-Grade Cybersecurity

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Blackpoint Cyber was founded by former National Security Agency cyber operations experts. F12 partners with Blackpoint to provide cybersecurity services for our clients, providing nation-state-grade cybersecurity services for organizations of all sizes.

By: F12

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Our CMO Devon Gillard, along with Blackpoint Cyber’s Nicole Ladue, Partner Success Manager, and David Rushmer, Director of Threat Intel, recently chatted about the current state of cyber defence around the world, and how organizations can affordably access nation-state-grade cybersecurity technologies and tactics.

Nation-State-Grade Cybersecurity Insights

What does Blackpoint Cyber do for cybersecurity?

Blackpoint Cyber is an industry leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and other threat-hunting spaces. David describes the company’s “two main missions” at [1:54]. Nicole follows up accordingly. 

David explains what the term “SOC” means at [3:06], and how Blackpoint and F12 work in tandem with this arm of cybersecurity to ensure all of a company’s bases are covered. Given that it’s yet another acronym, we hope you’ll bear with us.

F12 CTO Calvin Engen was excited to bring Blackpoint into the Networking family—like, really excited. At [4:01], Devon finds out what had Calvin so impressed by Blackpoint, and why the company is uniquely situated to operate nation-state-grade cybersecurity. Correspondingly, Nicole doubles down with Blackpoint’s impressive board of directors at [6:04].

David shares one of his favourite features of Blackpoint’s nation-state-grade technology at [7:50]. No spoilers, but it’s pretty cool.

All of Blackpoint’s tools and services are mind-blowingly futuristic and sophisticated. But Devon wants to know, why does a company need all these fancy features? Chiefly, are they even necessary? At [10:26], David answers: indeed.

How does nation-state-grade cybersecurity protect my business?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) isn’t new; it’s almost a given that an organization will use MFA for security. But how far would a threat actor go to get around MFA? At [11:53], we learn that the answer is pretty darn far.

How does a threat actor intercept multi-factor authentication? Conversely, how can we stop them? It’s a bit complicated, but David explains it quite neatly at [13:30].

F12 and Blackpoint both follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. It’s part of what makes our services the best and strongest in the biz. At [16:52], Nicole takes us through what the NIST framework is and why it matters.

Nicole shares a shocking story of a bad actor hacking into a company’s infrastructure—through an employee’s son’s Xbox! Find out how Blackpoint used network mapping to save that situation at [18:53].

Check out the full Nation-State-Grade Cybersecurity webcast here! has been a leader in IT solutions across Canada for over 20 years. With our years of experience and through partnerships with organizations like Blackpoint Cyber, we can ensure that your company’s private date is kept that way: private. 

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