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Identity and Access Management

The easy way to empower business leaders to manage business technology.

F12 robot who represents identity and access management.

We Named Our Company After It

After we came up with the idea for a proprietary IT service automation tool available at the touch of the F12 button, we named our company after it. F12 Connect is the quick and easy solution for identity and access management: add users, manage licenses, access support, and control security.

Identity and Access Management Benefits

What is F12 Connect?

F12 Connect makes it easy for staff to access support from F12. But, F12 Connect is also a robust identity and access management tool for non-technical leaders. In addition, F12 Connect empowers trusted team members to manage users, security, licenses, and support entitlements.

  • Easily submit support requests
  • Review incidents and projects
  • Manage security groups
  • Simplify employee onboarding
  • Privately disable users
  • Provision and manage Microsoft licensing
  • Access video training
  • Review support metrics
  • View Microsoft analytics
  • Review and order assets

Who Loves F12 Connect?

F12 Connect makes identity and access management simple — from support requests to licensing management, there’s something for everyone!


Your staff will love how F12 Connect makes submitting IT requests easy and tracking activity and response.

HR Managers

Your HR team will enjoy being able to add and remove users — enabling them to keep upcoming personnel changes completely confidential.

IT Administrators

Your primary IT contact will be empowered to review reports, satisfaction metrics, and project status quickly.

Accounts Payable

Your AP team will appreciate how easy it is to review subscription licensing and support entitlement fees.

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Welcome to F12 Connect - Identity and Access Management

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What our client says about our services.

Children's Charity
Excellent service, wonderful staff who are always helpful, polite and knowledgeable.
Dr. Jones
F12 is innovative and most importantly supportive and dependable when it comes to entrusting them with all of our computer and network needs.
I share my secret to IT success with colleagues at every opportunity: F12, my managed service provider.