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Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Finally, more benefits and fewer headaches for your PC and Mac endpoint devices.

F12 robot who represents device-as-a-service.

It's Time to Change the Game

Receive all the benefits and none of the downsides of dealing with computer equipment. Device-as-a-Service will make your team more productive and your culture more cohesive when everyone works on standardized, enterprise-grade hardware provided as a service. Fewer problems, better performance, and less cost — it’s a winning combination.

Benefits of Device-As-A-Service

What Are the Advantages of Device-as-a-Service?

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a convenient, pay-as-you-go model that equips your team with a high-quality fleet of reference equipment. As a result, there’s no need for upfront capital, and you’ll experience no ongoing headaches.

  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Full replacement every three years
  • Includes provisioning
  • Add-on at the same price and term
  • EOL data destruction and recycling
  • Rapid device replacement
  • Hassle-free maintenance and support
  • Top-tier technology
  • Consistent aesthetic and interoperability
  • Scale without disrupting operations

Four Reasons Companies Choose Device-as-a-Service

Labour is often the most significant company expense and relies heavily on computers. Empower your frontline and bolster productivity by incorporating top-line DaaS equipment from F12.


Get the best equipment automatically refreshed and replaced every three years. Because we purchase in bulk, you get top-tier IT endpoints without paying the leading-edge premium. What’s more, with everyone on the same gear, flexible work arrangements become easier. And it vastly simplifies IT troubleshooting.

Rapid Device Replacement

We maintain strategic reserves of stock across Canada. Replacements are always at hand for an immediate swap-out in an emergency so your staff can get back on the job quickly — even for mass equipment loss events such as theft or fire.


F12 DaaS scales effortlessly with your business. New staff? We’ll supply all the endpoints they need. If it’s a promotion and they need premium equipment for the role, we’ll handle that too! And you can add equipment at the same monthly rate with no effect on your existing terms of engagement.

Flat Monthly Service Fee

We pay for and supply all the equipment; you only pay for its use. F12 carries all the risk of device-related issues and you strengthen control over your cashflow by eliminating lumpy, unexpected IT equipment charges and capital expenditures. Free-up cash (and credit) for other business investment while treating your IT equipment as an operating expense for tax purposes.

Your people will love F12 DaaS

Why Operations Managers love F12 DaaS

  • No more sub-standard equipment
  • Immediate equipment replacement
  • No onboarding delays due to waiting for equipment
  • Get staff back on the job faster

Why C-level Executives love F12 DaaS

  • Much lower TCO
  • Fixed, predictable cost
  • No capital expenditure on software or hardware
  • Stop managing IT and start managing the business

Why HR and IT Managers love F12 DaaS

  • No need to manage or maintain hardware and software
  • Focus internal IT on application and end-user experience
  • Get off the upgrade merry-go-round
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Excellent service, wonderful staff who are always helpful, polite and knowledgeable.
Dr. Jones
F12 is innovative and most importantly supportive and dependable when it comes to entrusting them with all of our computer and network needs.
I share my secret to IT success with colleagues at every opportunity: F12, my managed service provider.