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Top-Rated Vaughan IT Company, F12

160 Cidermill Ave #1, Concord, ON L4K 4K5
Tel: (416) 245-0709

Looking for a Vaughan IT Company? Our Vaughan Location Offers Our Full Range of IT Solutions

Looking for a top-rated Vaughan IT company? You want a company that avoids a cookie-cutter approach and takes the time to learn your business’ unique needs and goals. F12 empowers companies with IT services and managed cloud solutions, so you can spend less time managing your IT and more time effectively using it. We can support your IT department or provide a fully outsourced solution. Check out the full range of IT services available through our Vaughan office.

F12 in Vaughan, Ontario

  • Our Vaughan Location
  • Some Background on Our Vaughan Location
  • Our Presence in Ontario
  • Managing Partner in Vaughan
  • Careers at F12 in Vaughan
  • M&A in Vaughan

Our Vaughan Location

160 Cidermill Ave #1,
Concord, ON
L4K 4K5
Tel: (416) 245-0709

Some Background on Our Vaughan Location

My Blue Umbrella, founded in 1996, originated as a Vaughan IT company that was a value-added reseller (VAR) with the desire to bring an umbrella of services to business leaders seeking an expert IT partner. Since then, MBU’s Founder and CEO, Michael Contento, has earned notable client affinity and impressive staff tenure.

With an extensive range of services, MBU allows its clients to transform their entire business. MBU’s track record of success is evident through numerous awards and accolades, including being named a Top 100 Solution Provider by Channel Innovation Awards and a Modern Workplace Champion by Microsoft.

In 2021, MBU joined F12 and continued to expand its solution stack by bringing business transformation specialists to harness technology’s power and potential through digital transformation and automation.

Our Presence in Ontario

F12 has partnered with Ontario-based businesses with deep roots in the province’s IT sector. F12 serves Concord, Mississauga, Richmond, Brampton, and outlying areas through our Vaughan office.

Beyond being a top-rated Vaughan IT company, F12 also has a Waterloo office that serves Waterloo, Mississauga, Brantford, Guelph, Owen Sound, Cambridge, Barrie, London, Hamilton, Kitchener, and beyond.

Managing Partner in Vaughan

Managing Partner in Concord, Michael Contento, owner of My Blue Umbrella (MBU) and Business Innovation Executive for, has been helping business leaders simplify and innovate through tech management and consulting services to some of Canada’s highest-performing companies for over twenty-five years.

“I love business and customer experience, and I knew there was a gap between the two. I have always tried to narrow that gap by genuinely understanding our clients’ goals and objectives to ensure their success. This opportunity to join the F12 team and leverage their suite of technology services and bench strength will allow me and the team to focus on things that will make a difference for our clients.”

Careers at F12 in Vaughan

Are you looking for a Vaughan IT company that values and rewards innovation, effort, and results? Our tight-knit culture creates a motivated workforce positioned to achieve both corporate strategic goals and personal career growth.

We believe that IT should be easy for businesses, that interacting with clients should be fun, and that professional accountability must be high.

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M&A in Vaughan

F12 continues developing successful relationships with customers and partners in Ontario and the eastern region through mergers and acquisitions. We are open to new partnerships with existing MSP owners (strictly confidential) looking for an exit strategy, greater financial security, or cash compensation.

In addition to My Blue Umbrella, other Ontario-based IT businesses that have joined the F12 family include Apps on Tap Inc. and Xylotek Solutions.

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