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Patch Management

Patch Management is a strategy for applying updates or upgrades to software applications to address security vulnerabilities, software bugs, compatibility issues, or to add additional features or capabilities. It is vital to keep up to date with security patches. This patch provides details on Patch Management services provides to Customers.

Microsoft Patch Management

Microsoft uses a classification system to identify and prioritize patches. Click here to review the Microsoft patch classifications.

F12 applies Critical Updates, Security Updates, and Definition Updates through automatic approval during a Customer’s pre-established Maintenance Window. From time to time, and on Microsoft’s recommendation, F12 will immediately push out urgent patches to address a zero-day vulnerability outside your maintenance cycle.

Other Microsoft patch classifications, including Feature Packs and Update Rollups, are reviewed monthly and applied as F12 deemed necessary.

Third-Party Patch Management

Additional 3rd party patches are reviewed monthly and are applied as deemed necessary. Click here to review a comprehensive list of third-party software for which F12 provides patch management.