Technical Support

We love helping people like yourself!  Each client is matched up with a specific pod of technical professionals.  Each pod focuses their time on specific industry verticals in order to help you get back to what you need to do as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The quickest way to contact your pod is to press the ‘F12’ key on your F12 managed computer, which will allow you to send a request directly to our monitored ticketing system via F12 Connect.

If you are unable to use the F12 Connect button or prefer not to, we have included email and phone information for each of our pods below:

Pod Emails

Alpha – alpha@f12.net

Arrow – arrow@f12.net

Hydro – hydro@f12.net

Jolt – jolt@f12.net

Omni – omni@f12.net

Area Phone Numbers

Alberta – Calgary – 403.210.2022

Alberta – Edmonton – 780.413.8458

Alberta – Red Deer – 403.967.0180

Ontario – Toronto – 416.736.8386


Or click https://connect.f12.net/web to sign into F12 Connect Web!