What kind of cybersecurity does an SMB need?

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If you’re a small to medium business, you may be wondering what level of cybersecurity is right for you—or if it’s even necessary. If you’re asking, “What kind of cybersecurity does an SMB need?” then we’ve got the info for you.

What kind of cybersecurity does an SMB need?

A small- to medium-sized business (SMB) isn’t playing the same cybersecurity ball game as the behemoth corporations. An SMB doesn’t have the same financial resources to pay for that level of IT protection—but their operations don’t require that level, anyway.

We help SMBs discover what kind of cybersecurity they need, and it starts with identifying the organization’s assets. At F12, we are passionate about educating people and companies about cybersecurity. That includes working with SMBs that may not think they need cybersecurity at all!

How do I know if my provider is covering my cybersecurity bases?

I always like to explain to our companies that if it’s not in your contract, it’s probably not covered! It’s crucial to ask your IT provider for a thorough explanation of the level of cybersecurity they are offering your organization. Do they provide education and training for your staff on best security practices? Do they work with you to create sound security policies? What is their threat-hunting operation like?

If you suspect that your cybersecurity arrangement isn’t adequate for your organization’s needs, talk to us. We’ve been in the cybersecurity business for over thirty years and have managed IT services for companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Not sure what kind of cybersecurity an SMB needs? At F12, we’re well equipped to discuss your organization’s unique cybersecurity requirements when it comes to information technology. Chat with us today and learn more about what kind of cybersecurity an SMB needs—and find out what level of security is right for your organization.

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