Why Email Only Users are an Often Overlooked Risk

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What is F12 Email Support?

Cyber-security and IT support needs vary for different employees. Some need lots, others hardly any! That’s why we created Email Support. This low-cost option provides the essential security and support for users who have an email account, but never have any other interaction with the IT environment. It’s the support those users need with no unnecessary extras.


What does Email Support Provide?

IT Support

From time to time, anyone with an email address may need help with an expired password, lost email, email bounce back, or SPAM. They might need help getting into their mailbox online or configuring Wi-Fi and email on a smartphone. Email Support lets them contact F12 for assistance.


Neither Microsoft nor Google includes historical backups in their hosted email. After a certain number of days, any deleted email is simply gone forever. Sometimes it’s necessary to retrieve emails as part of litigation involving a former employee. To safeguard for this, we back up email boxes of Email Support users so you can access any email at need.


Any company email address can be exploited by a hacker. That’s why Email Support includes the licensing, enablement, and support of Cyber Security Awareness training and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

This controls:

  1. The risk of a lateral internal attack. Malicious actors regularly engineer their way from “low-level” accounts to key systems and users (usually those with financial access).
  2. The risk of impersonation. Too often, criminals exploit a legitimate company email to misdirect and defraud financial institutions, customers, suppliers, or other employees. Even if the fault ultimately lies elsewhere, the reputational fall-out can still harm your operations.
  3. Compliance risk. Insurers, investors, and regulators often require verifiable use of security awareness training and MFA. They’re two of the 13 essential security controls CyberSecure Canada recommends.


Which users need Email Support?

Anyone with a corporate email account should have Email Support. This ranges from internal users like floor and line workers to external contractors. However, Email Support is already included in other F12 support tiers. So if you have staff on a higher support tier already there’s no need to double up. Generic mailboxes that are not linked to an individual (such as info, careers, or complaints) do not require Email Support.


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