Canadian IT firm sets a bold goal of $70,000 minimum annual wage for all employees


EDMONTON, Alberta, November 2, 2021 – Inc. (“F12”) announces it is implementing a $70,000 minimum annual salary for all employees by the end of 2022. F12’s goal is to attract and retain the best talent to offer business clients a superior technology service experience.

F12’s bold move to increase its minimum annual salary means that each employee will earn approximately ten percent more than the national median family income, reported in the 2019 Canadian Income Survey.

“We chose an amount that is above the average family income so that our people know when they come to F12, they can build a career and build a family,” says Alex Webb, F12 CEO. “This is going to be an evolution with constant development and progress,” he adds, “so our people progressively become more confident, satisfied, and skilled.”

Webb and the F12 executives are part of the wave of leadership teams globally, who recognize the value of investing in their people.

“The bigger calling is societal change,” he says. “We want staff to have the ability to live on a single income if they need to,” says Webb. “We have a chance to make the industry how it should be.”

The company’s investment in improving the work environment goes beyond compensation. F12 is also finding ways to bring community, comfort, and creativity to their workspaces, aiming to transform their provincial offices into communication hubs where employees can enjoy a flexible, intentional, and balanced work culture.

“F12 never laid off employees during the pandemic, and it was then that I knew that this was a company that truly cared for me and my well-being. This announcement only further exemplifies what I already knew to be true,” comments Estela Gamayo, an employee based in Edmonton, Alberta.

“To be honest, I feel a little nervous about getting to the $70k goal,” states Satnam Mann, from Toronto, Ontario. “Even I have become a little complacent and pushed off certifications. I think this new sense of accountability will really force me outside of my comfort zone, but I’m excited for the opportunity to enhance my skills and become a subject matter expert in my field.”

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