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Case Study: Betach Solutions Inc.

Betach Solutions Inc. logoWhy Seek an IT Partner?

Betach, a Canadian systems integrator, found itself in an enviable position with a thriving practice focused on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, especially Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. As their Business Applications business unit continued to expand, challenges arose in another area. Betach also provided and managed information technology infrastructure and support for many clients and had done so since the beginning. Betach found itself trying to create excellence in two different domains.

“It takes tremendous discipline and focus to excel in the technology space – and our passion and attention increasingly turned toward boosting businesses’ productivity, collaboration, and operational agility through the Microsoft Business Applications technology stack,” explained Lawrence Gordey, Co-Founder and President of Betach. “We decided to direct all our efforts toward perfecting our solutions in the Microsoft Business Applications technology stack while seeking partners to care for the infrastructure and security side of our clients’ technology stack.”

Selecting the Right IT Partner

Betach opted to double down on and be selective about which infrastructure technology partners to recommend to their business clients. Betach chose, one of Canada’s leading infrastructure and security providers for SMEs among a short-list of IT partners.

“We have personal relationships with the leadership at F12 built on trust,” said Gordey. “Any partnership is based on trust. Trust that our mutual clients will be well cared for. Trust that we can pick up the phone and cooperate if anything goes sideways, and trust that our reputation and interests with our clients will not be undermined.”

Result of Partnering with F12

F12 and Betach have joined forces to solve client challenges, run webinars, deliver thought leadership, and open opportunities for one another. The partnership has exposed F12’s national client network to Betach’s, and in turn, Betach has brought F12 to several of their customers.

“Betach brings boutique capabilities to help F12’s clients bolster their business innovation,” explained Devon Gillard, F12’s CMO. “When we see an opportunity where Microsoft Dynamics 365 could propel an organization forward, we don’t hesitate to introduce Betach. We know our clients will be looked after, deliverables will match promises, and the entire engagement will be ethical from start to finish.”

“We value our partnership with F12,” concluded Gordey, “not just for the business it has brought Betach, but because we have an IT partner we trust to assist our clients when they approach us, as their trusted advisor, for recommendations about their infrastructure, IT support, or security needs.”