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Case Study: Energy Supplier


A Canadian supplier of reliable and competitive energy and related value-added services .


This energy supplier is trusted to provide safe and reliable supplies to hundreds of thousands of Canadians, including scores of local utilities.  They have built their success on strong business relationships, earned trust, and proven reliability.  As such, the company sought to mature its cyber security governance, ensuring that they were doing all they reasonably could to protect their operations and their customer’s energy supply.

Outside Consultation

The energy supplier brought in an experienced outside consultant to help with policy development and cyber security.  That consultant reviewed F12’s options and met with F12’s CTO, Calvin Engen, to review F12’s security services.  In particular, the consultant scrutinized F12’s SOC 2 certification, implementation of CIS Controls, and 24×7 detection and response service.

Bolstering Cyber Security

Ultimately, based on the consultant’s recommendations, the Energy Supplier selected F12’s most comprehensive security platform to bolster their cyber security posture.  F12 deployed 24X7 managed detection and response, ongoing risk monitoring, zero-trust application control, rigorous social engineering testing, and ongoing security consultation. Further, they are enrolled in a program that provides continuous improvement, proactively adding and adjusting security services in response to the changing risk landscape.

Note: We have redacted client names from online case studies and testimonials to mitigate cyber threats from social engineering like phishing and pretexting. Contact F12 to review our client list or connect directly with the business leaders we support.