Cybersecurity Compliance Management

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Learn how cybersecurity compliance management can position your company to navigate the requirements of ESG, protecting your organization from potential risks and encouraging sustainability.

For a long time, the world of technology was a bit like the Wild West: it was an unregulated and unmonitored space, with no policies or standards for companies to hold themselves to.

That’s all starting to change. Now there are training opportunities and certifications, as well as an increasing call for businesses to share their compliance measures when it comes to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities. 

While it may not be someone’s first thought when considering ESG, cybersecurity is actually a key pillar in ESG practices.

What are some of the compliance measures that F12 takes when helping customers with their cybersecurity?

Our People

In order to take our cybersecurity compliance seriously, we have to start with our team. F12 ensures that all of our team members working with customer cybersecurity are fully certified and up-to-date with the latest in cyber training. We work with our partners, vendors, and various organizations to keep our people sharp—and prove it.

Our Organization

We take compliance one step further by making sure our entire organization meets and exceeds industry standards. F12 is transparent with its security claims, and that’s why we have an outside party come in and audit our cybersecurity systems and employee training.

We pride ourselves on completing a SOC 2 Type 2 compliance report, which is an audit of our systems, our safeguards, our practices, and how well our controls are operating.

So why does cybersecurity compliance matter for my company’s ESG?

When your investors, partners, or customers come calling, they want to know where you stand on all aspects of your business—including the security of your (and their!) data. That’s where F12’s proven track record of cybersecurity vigilance comes in.

Companies are increasingly required to gather and disclose data on their ESG principles for investors and governing bodies. When your technology is verified and secure, it makes it easier for your business to present its data to the board, or whoever is requesting it.

At F12, we believe in keeping our promises—and that includes maintaining the high standards we guarantee our clients when it comes to their cybersecurity compliance management. Contact us to learn more about how IT and cybersecurity are key components of a company’s compliance requirements.

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