Cybersecurity: Now + Next

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At F12, we’re proud of our ability to stay on top of new and emerging IT security trends. In this video, Calvin shares what F12 is up to in terms of development, and where he thinks the industry is headed. Bring on Cybersecurity: Now + Next!

Our pioneering CTO Calvin Engen has spent 15 years shaping and strengthening the cybersecurity strategies of Canadian companies, and he’s excited to be a part of pushing a cybersecurity awareness narrative. He and our F12 team are working day and night, driving towards making Canadian cybersecurity standards stronger.

What is F12 doing differently for cybersecurity?

We feel strongly about implementing a standard of care across Canadian businesses when it comes to security. “It’s so important that we’re protecting our clients and creating a trusted environment,” says Calvin.

F12 spends time on advocacy in the Canadian IT landscape, working with businesses, people, and government to create a stronger standard.

How can Canadian businesses keep up with the trends?

First off: try partnering with an IT provider like F12! If your provider is on top of industry developments, then your organization will be, too.

You can also make sure your organization is accredited with the latest in cybersecurity certifications. Check out CyberSecure Canada, offered through the federal government.

Finally, try implementing your cybersecurity and IT services are seamlessly into your business operations. That way, you’ll stay ahead of the competition—and see noticeable improvements and growth in your company.

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