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How F12 Redesigned Its Sales Function (We had help!)

Date: August 24, 2022

Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am Mountain Time

Location: Airmeet Virtual Event

Webcast banner highlighting Justin Roff-Marsh


Most companies face the same problem: their salespeople are so busy handling customer fulfilment that they hardly have time to sell to new customers. They get busy doing everything other than having selling conversations with new logos.


We encountered similar challenges. Then, we were introduced to a fascinating book that challenged traditional thinking about sales called “The Machine.”  F12 engaged with the author’s consulting firm, Ballistix, and successfully reengineered our own sales process. Now, we want to let you in on what we learned and how it changed our organization.


Join us on August 24th for an exclusive webcast with author and Ballistix Founder Justin Roff-Marsh as he shares his radical growth insights and why business owners should reconsider their sales functions. In this provocative 45-minute discussion, we’ll explore Justin’s approach to:


  • Redesign the organization for more selling conversations
  • Put engineers in the field and bring salespeople inside
  • Move from an account-driven model to campaign-driven sales


To learn how to get started, sign up for our webcast today: Register Here

We hope to see you there!