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Webcast: Is nation-state-grade cybersecurity hot air?

Date: February 22, 2023

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Eastern Time

Location: Airmeet Live Event

Webcast banner "Is nation-state-grade cybersecurity hot air?" . Left: spy balloon; Right: webcast title featuring Nicole LaDue and David Rushmer

Spy balloons aren’t the only things that deserve to be shot down. A lot of cybersecurity promises are full of hot air (or, er, helium). We know; we tested.


During our search for security services that work, we discovered Blackpoint Cyber, a company founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) cyber operations experts.  Our CTO was blown away, and we’re sure you will be too!


Join Nicole LaDue and David Rushmer of Blackpoint Cyber on Feb 22nd as they reveal the harsh truth about the current state of cyber defense. They will reveal why traditional protections like MFA often fail and how organizations can affordably access nation-state-grade technologies and tactics.


You’ll not only get the scoop on the latest cyber threats, but you’ll also discover secret weapons to fight against them. Sign up now so you won’t miss out on joining this fascinating discussion.