F12.net Acquires Xylotek Solutions Inc., Continuing Expansion of Business IT in Eastern Canada

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F12.net Inc.(“F12”) announced May 1st,  the acquisition of Xylotek Solutions Inc. (“Xylotek”), a leader in providing IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SME”) in the southwest region of Ontario. The addition of Xylotek adds capable leadership, bench strength, and geographic reach to F12, aiding in F12’s goal to eliminate IT risk and complexity for SMEs across Canada.

Xylotek opened in Kitchener, ONT, in 2005 with a drive to earn trusted relationships with business customers. In 2015, the founders of Xylotek stepped down, resulting in the current shareholders, Chris Pickard and Bonnie Chan, as 50/50 equity partners. While this powerful duo continues to provide IT services close to home, timely and consistent service delivery has broadened their reach throughout the province of Ontario. In 2015, Xylotek took on nationwide service contracts, and today Xylotek’s team supports over 12,000 users across North America. Operating primarily as a VAR, Xylotek strives to increase its mature MSP practice and to bring best-in-class IT service to its customers.

“It is a true testament of the leadership team, Chris, and Bonnie, on everything Xylotek has been able to accomplish in such a short period,” shares Alex Webb, CEO of F12.net. “Their passion for customer service and for providing high-quality solutions speaks to their remarkable client affinity. It is rare to find two individuals with the kindness and work ethic these two possess. Combining Chris and Bonnie’s industry knowledge with F12’s capabilities provides a unique option for customers in this region of Ontario. This expansion is exciting for us, and I believe we are gaining leaders of the highest quality.”

Bonnie Chan, Vice-President of Xylotek, also commented, “We are thrilled to join the F12 team. The alignment between F12 and Xylotek’s passion for best-in-class service and technology solutions grows more evident with every conversation. Through this partnership, we are excited to accelerate our growth and expand the service offerings we can bring not only to our existing customers but also to new prospects.”

Chris Pickard, President of Xylotek, adds, “You’re nothing without your clients and your team. Some clients have been with me since I was 22 years old; they are like family. As a small business, we are always running on what resources, finances, and time we can bring. This can be frustrating for our team of very bright technical minds eager to offer creative and effective technological solutions to our clients. I’m excited that this opportunity with F12 will allow our team to become subject matter experts and provide the greatest level of support to customers.”

Bonnie concludes with, “We eagerly look forward to this new chapter and all of the excitement it is sure to bring.”

About Xylotek Solutions Inc.


With incredibly high customer retention across all 15 years of the business, the foundation of Xylotek’s culture is providing extraordinary customer service, relentlessly going above and beyond for all of their customers. Xylotek’s unique recruiting and training practices look beyond technical certifications to the equally essential soft business skills not typically assessed for IT positions. Recognized for winning “Excellence in Workforce Training & Development,” Xylotek examines fit, personality, and how difficult or stressful environments are managed, ensuring clients receive not only a technically competent individual but a well-rounded one. Xylotek’s ability to provide exceptional customer service and support is a testimonial to their highly talented staff and their trusted and dependable leaders, Bonnie and Chris.

Chris and Bonnie are a strong force that works closely together to hunt and acquire new business and will be of tremendous value to our Client Relations team.

About F12.net

F12.net is a leading provider of comprehensive IT platforms designed to eliminate the risk and complexity that plagues most IT engagements.  F12 seeks to partner with businesses striving to minimize conversations about IT ingredients and maximize focus on business objectives. F12’s suite of IT solutions improves productivity, reduces risk, and rationalizes IT expenses.

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