F12.net Announces first Chief of Staff

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EDMONTON, Alberta, April 29, 2020 – For Immediate Release

Canadian tech company F12.net announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Leanne Yeatman as Chief of Staff (COS).  Yeatman previously held the position of Director of Administration and has been with F12 for 19 years.

“I’m delighted to welcome Leanne to our executive team,” said Alex Webb, F12’s CEO. “Leanne’s extensive experience at F12 and within the industry are invaluable as we navigate change and growth.”

The Board of Directors created the COS role in February of 2020; Leanne is the first to hold the position. As COS, Yeatman is responsible for corporate culture, community relations, board and shareholder communication, specific strategic projects like summits and integration, and items of governance such as succession planning.

“As we’ve expanded across Canada, the number of initiatives underway at any given time has multiplied,” explains Webb.  “We needed a senior leader to refine and execute on ideas that span departments or fall outside of normal operations. I’m excited about what this new role represents, continuity for our organization and accountability to our strategic plan.”

With the appointment, F12’s C-suite now comprises five executives overseen by a five-member board of directors, three of whom are external.

Yeatman played a crucial role in the development of F12, including the launch of F12’s signature Hardware-as-a-Service program, corporate re-branding, several equity transactions, and 10 successful acquisitions.  Along the way, Yeatman embedded herself in the IT community through the Trust-X Alliance.

“I am proud that my approach and involvement brings stability to our leadership team, and longevity to our organization beyond any one person,” said Yeatman, “This brings comfort to investors, executives, and our networkers.”

About F12.net

F12.net exists to combat risk and complexity by crafting IT and business services that allow organizations to focus and thrive.  Through a unique suite of IT services, F12 invests a proven technology stack into businesses to improve productivity and enhance security for a predictable monthly fee.

F12 has expanded rapidly over the last five years, pushing into new provinces while evolving its unique “as a service” IT offerings for Canadian businesses. One pillar of F12’s growth strategy is attracting and acquiring other managed IT service providers.


Devon Gillard
F12.net Inc.