F12.net Announces New Director of Marketing

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TORONTO, Ontario, Dec 6, 2023 – For Immediate Release

F12.net Inc.(“F12”), is delighted to announce the addition of Kathleen Mitchell as Director of Marketing. 

Bringing over two decades of marketing expertise and a proven track record in driving business growth through strategic initiatives and innovative campaigns, Kathleen Mitchell joins F12 as the Director of Marketing. In her new role, Kathleen will steer the Marketing division, leading the creation of comprehensive strategies aimed at boosting revenue, acquiring new business opportunities, and nurturing customer retention. Her adeptness in aligning marketing endeavors with overarching business goals positions her as an instrumental figure in propelling the company’s growth trajectory.

Prior to joining F12, Kathleen held the position of Head of Marketing at Telus Health, where she played a pivotal role in revolutionizing marketing strategies and achieving substantial revenue growth. Notably, she spearheaded Telus Health’s inaugural Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiative, aligning diverse B2B objectives and orchestrating the integration of the newly acquired LifeWorks brand. Her strategic direction resulted in a remarkable 3-year revenue increase of $41.5 million and a pipeline increase of $101.7 million.

With a career spanning Senior Marketing Leadership roles at Trends Equity, Sangoma, TM Forum, and UBM Techweb, Kathleen has consistently demonstrated her expertise in modernizing marketing strategies and driving tangible results. Her ability to generate $10.5 million in sales leads within the first six months of a product launch underscores her proficiency in devising and implementing scalable go-to-market strategies.

“Kathleen’s arrival marks an exciting chapter for F12. Her extensive experience in growth marketing and her visionary leadership perfectly aligns with our company’s ethos of innovation and excellence,” said CRO David Chalmers. “We are confident that Kathleen’s strategic acumen and passion for driving business growth will further elevate F12’s position as a leader in mission-critical IT services.” 

Kathleen Mitchell’s appointment represents F12’s commitment to fostering top talent and bolstering its position in the industry. Her wealth of experience and innovative approach are poised to drive F12’s marketing strategies to new heights of success.

Want to connect with Kathleen? Reach out to her at kmitchell@f12.net.