F12.net Welcomes David Chalmers as Chief Revenue Officer

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TORONTO, Ontario, December 14, 2023 – For Immediate Release

F12.net Inc.(“F12”), proudly announces David Chalmers as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). With a proven history of driving growth and team success, David spearheads F12’s expansion into an exciting new chapter.

Having joined F12 in July 2023, David has been instrumental in optimizing revenue-generating functions, leading market analysis, and overseeing sales and marketing initiatives. With over 24 years of strategic leadership, revenue generation, and growth expertise, he’s already made notable contributions, exemplified by a mentionable growth in quarterly revenue figures. His proven track record in revenue growth and strategic leadership positions him to align F12’s revenue strategies with its overarching goals.

David brings a wealth of experience to F12, having previously held CRO and executive leadership positions at several companies, including LMN Inc., DOZR Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Validas LLC, and Blackberry. David’s expertise in optimizing revenue-generating functions and building strong customer relationships earned notable recognition, including LMN’s acknowledgement as the ‘Fastest Growing Software Company in Canada’ in 2020. His dynamic leadership style, strong customer focus, and two decades of experience leading global growth teams make him an invaluable addition to F12’s executive team.

Reflecting on his new role, David stated, “Joining F12 at this pivotal growth stage is incredibly exciting. I’m drawn to F12’s values, tech innovation, and customer-centric approach, eager to contribute to its success.”

“We are thrilled to have David Chalmers on board,” stated CEO Alex Webb. “His remarkable achievements and strategic insights in revenue growth have already made a significant impact during his tenure at F12. David brings fresh experience to our team and has our full support to expand F12’s reach, benefiting customers, partners, and employees.”

David Chalmers’ appointment heralds a new era of strategic prowess and revenue-focused innovation at F12. His seamless integration into F12’s vision since July 2023 has already laid the groundwork for transformative change. As a torchbearer of revenue growth and customer-centric leadership, David’s role fortifies F12’s commitment to driving unparalleled value and pioneering advancements within the industry.