Forging a Path in 2023 with CEO Alex Webb

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To kick off a new year in technology, CMO Devon Gillard sat down for a chat with’s fearless leader, CEO Alex Webb. They discussed how F12 is forging a path with its priorities this year, lessons learned in 2022, and Alex’s predictions for 2023.

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Alex mentions that the biggest lesson he learned in 2022 was to trust your instincts and make your move. He gives a real-life example at [2:01]. Spoiler: it’s about getting back into the office and reconnecting with his team!

Devon mentions inflation and rising interest rates that have dominated the conversation over the last several months. It turns out Alex has his own take on the situation. He shares that he doesn’t “think the inflation drivers are the same as what [we] thought they were” at [7:10].

The labour shortage has been top of mind for Canadian employers, and F12 was no exception. Alex and Devon share their predictions for what the labour market may look like in 2023 at [8:42].

In 2023 the need for cybersecurity is more relevant and crucial. At [10:15], Alex discusses the ripple effect that occurs from the top down in an organization when its systems are not secure, as well as what remote and hybrid working means for a company’s cybersecurity. (Hint: it’s not good news.)

Cyber insurance has become vital to an organization’s success, particularly to a company’s investors. Devon shares some insight gleaned from two cyber insurance experts about the challenges the insurance industry is facing due to cyber policy payouts “killing their profitability” at [11:11]. Guess what? That challenge (and associated cost) is getting passed onto you, the consumer.

It wouldn’t be a tech talk without bringing up the industry’s hottest news: ChatGPT. Alex and Devon dive into the fascinating and impressive new technology that’s been taking the world by storm at [13:22]. Alex speaks to the business side of artificial intelligence and gives his suggestions for leveraging the technology at [15:15].

At [17:34], Devon shares F12’s objectives for 2023. Alex weighs in on what each objective means, both for F12 and for our clients. “These objectives echo some of the trends [we] have been talking about [earlier in the webcast],” Devon points out—which just goes to show that at F12, we’re always keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies for your business.

A big push for F12 recently has been “regionalization.” Alex breaks down the concept of regionalization at [24:42]. He explains how F12 is implementing it and why it will improve the customer service experience.

To wrap up, Devon asks Alex about the cybersecurity talent gap in Canada at [30:22]. With Canadian-grown tech grads being scooped up by Silicon Valley before they’re even handed their degree, Alex anticipates that the situation won’t start improving any time soon. He shares what that means for Canadian cybersecurity.

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