Is Your MSP Putting Your Company at Risk?

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An MSP risk assessment to help you ensure ensure that your MSP partner is keeping your company secure.

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As business technology rapidly advances, organizations frequently rely on managed service providers (MSPs) to oversee their IT infrastructure this partnership is crucial for providing ongoing support and ensuring that security protocols are up to date amid emerging threats. However, it’s critical to regularly assess an MSP partner’s effectiveness in safeguarding your organization’s sensitive data. Below, we outline seven potential oversights by your MSP partner that could inadvertently compromise the security of your digital assets and put your company at risk.

Risk #1: Weak Security

MSP partners are meant to strengthen your business’ cyber security core. Yet, not all MSPs prioritize proactive security measures. When it comes to cybersecurity, solely addressing security breaches after they occur leaves your business susceptible to future problems. Without regular vulnerability assessments and timely updates by your MSP, your business’s sensitive data could be exposed to malicious malware, putting your entire organization at risk.

Additionally, cybercriminals are becoming more savvy, targeting vulnerabilities that have not yet been secured. A proactive MSP should stay on top of emerging threats by using advanced threat detection mechanisms to identify and mitigate potential risks before they strike. Through a proactive stance, your MSP can significantly reduce the likelihood of security breaches and fortify your organization’s defences against evolving cyber threats.


Risk #2. Unregulated and Insufficient Compliance Measures

The standards for businesses’ compliance measures are constantly evolving. A reliable MSP should have a thorough understanding of regulations and actively work to keep your organization compliant. MSPs that are not up to date with compliance standards or fail to implement the necessary measures could put your business at risk of legal consequences and financial penalties. Not only that, they can jeopardize the trust of your clients and partners who rely on your commitment to data protection.

Still, compliance is not simply a box to check. It is a continuous process that requires ongoing efforts to adjust to the latest regulations. Your MSP should be actively involved in monitoring changes to compliance standards and align with the latest requirements. Ensuring the sufficient regulation of your MSPs compliance is a big part of building trust among best business practices.


Risk #3. Inadequate Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

Losing precious data is more than an inconvenience for any business. If your MSP lacks a comprehensive data backup and a thorough disaster recovery plan, it won’t take much to put your company in jeopardy. A solid backup and recovery strategy is crucial to ensure minimal downtime and data loss in the event of a cyberattack, technical failures or any other disruption. Your current MSP should prioritize frequent data backups, regularly test recovery procedures, and implement offsite storage systems. Otherwise, your business continuity may be compromised.

Businesses operating in a digital environment are forever prone to disruptions, which could have cascading effects on productivity and customer satisfaction. Developing a reliable disaster recovery plan can ensure that your organization is well-prepared to navigate unforeseen challenges and swiftly recover from potential data loss incidents.


Risk #4. Limited Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, so will (or should) your IT needs. Your current MSP must scale its services to accommodate your expanding requirements. Otherwise, it may hinder your organization’s growth. A lack of flexibility and scalability can lead to inefficiencies, downtime, and increased susceptibility to cyber threats. By providing scalable solutions that align with your growth trajectory, MSPs should be able to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Scalability is not only about adding more resources—it’s about ensuring that your IT infrastructure can seamlessly evolve alongside your business. Your MSP should assess your organization’s future needs, all while anticipating potential challenges and opportunities for growth. This proactive approach ensures that your IT infrastructure remains agile, robust, and capable of supporting your business objectives. Don’t think of IT as a cost; think of it as a partner in your business growth.


Risk #5. Unreliability

Don’t partner with an unreliable MSP simply because they offer the best price or make promises that sound enticing. Look for a provider who’s been in business for several years, working with businesses similar to yours, and can provide testimonials and references. The relationship goes far beyond your business—working with the wrong MSP may also damage the trust and confidence of your clients and stakeholders. The fallout from breaches, downtime, and operational inefficiencies can irreversibly impact your reputation. Choosing a trustworthy and dependable MSP is imperative for the sustained success of your business.

An unreliable MSP may lack the experience, knowledge, attention and stringent security measures necessary to safeguard your sensitive data. As a result, creating the perfect recipe for making your business an enticing target for cyber threats. The consequences can be severe; ranging from data breaches and financial losses to irreparable damage to your reputation.


Risk #6. Downtime and Unproductivity

System downtime undoubtedly disrupts the flow of daily operations. Afterwards, employees are left idling, and critical processes in the backend become stalled. So, when an MSP lacks robust solutions, it sets the stage for likely recurring downtime. This unproductive timestamp quickly snowballs into missed deadlines, frustrated clients, and a compromised competitive edge in the market.

The impact extends beyond mere inconvenience. It directly hampers your business growth trajectory. Look for an MSP that can effectively implement and manage solutions. It’s not just a technological decision. It is an investment in the vitality and sustainability of your business. A proactive and proficient MSP is the index for uninterrupted functionality, heightened productivity, and the unbridled growth of your enterprise in the digital age.


Risk #7. Lack of Transparency and Proper Communication

Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, effective communication is crucial for success. An MSP-to-client relationship will only thrive with ongoing, clear and concise communication and transparency. If your current MSP fails to communicate openly about security incidents, system updates, and potential risks, you may be in the dark about the state of your IT infrastructure. Building trust and ensuring that both parties are on the same page regarding the security and performance of your systems is essential.

Transparency goes beyond frequent updates. It encompasses a willingness to share insights into the MSP’s processes, security practices, and ongoing efforts to enhance service delivery. Your MSP should proactively offer strategic recommendations to improve your organization’s overall cyber security posture. With open communication, your MSP can establish a partnership based on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to the security of your digital assets.


F12’s MSP Solutions

Regular assessment of your MSP’s performance in areas such as cyber security, compliance, scalability, and communication is imperative for success. If your current MSP falls short in any of these critical areas, it may be time to consider alternative providers that prioritize your organization’s security and growth.

By partnering with an MSP that is proactive, compliant, scalable, transparent, and dedicated to ongoing communication, your organization can navigate the complexities of the digital world with confidence, knowing that your digital assets are in capable hands. Your MSP should not only be a service provider but a trusted partner invested in the success and security of your business. F12 is a trusted service provider and a trusted ally. Deep commitment to the prosperity and security of your business is our focal point. With F12 as your MSP, you can face the complexities of the digital realm with assurance, knowing that your organization is in the hands of capable and dependable experts. If you feel like your company needs a fresh new MSP, reach out to us to get a conversation going.

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