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Vancouver Managed IT Services

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We Are a Leading Managed Services Provider in Vancouver

As Canada’s largest independent provider of managed IT services, we offer a unique combination of national expertise and local presence. Our specialized teams in cybersecurity, cloud operations, project management, network operations, proactive maintenance, and surge capacity are dedicated to serving the dynamic businesses of Vancouver. With F12, you’ll receive personalized support from professionals who truly understand your needs, backed by our impressive nationwide resources. Experience the F12 difference and unlock the full potential of your business in Vancouver.

Managed IT Services Help Your Vancouver Businesses With

Cost savings

Unleash the true potential of your IT investment with our managed IT services in Vancouver. By partnering with experienced IT service providers, you can eliminate the costly burden of an in-house department, including salaries and training expenses. Embrace our affordable subscription options and optimize your cash flow.

Improved productivity

Take your productivity to new heights with our Vancouver-based managed service provider (MSP). Our proactive approach includes comprehensive monitoring, swift issue resolution, and access to a team of specialized experts. Minimize downtime, drive operational efficiency, and free up your team to focus on your core business objectives.

Business Continuity

Safeguard your business and ensure uninterrupted operations with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. As a leading provider of managed IT services in Vancouver, we prioritize proactive monitoring and maintenance to prevent disruptions. Our dedicated team is ready to provide rapid response and resolution in the event of emergencies or system failures.

Get Experienced Professionals

Benefit from a diverse team of skilled professionals when you choose our managed IT services in Vancouver. Our dedicated experts specialize in various areas, including cybersecurity, IT strategy, data center services, compliance, cloud operations, proactive monitoring, and project management. Tap into their expertise and stay ahead of industry trends and best practices.

Proactive Maintenance

Our managed IT services in Vancouver ensure continuous oversight of network operations and prioritize efficient issue resolution. Enjoy optimal system performance, secure data backups, and timely software patches, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Improved Security

Gain peace of mind with our managed IT security services in Vancouver. Our certified Information Systems Security Professionals continuously curate, test, and manage your security stack. By utilizing advanced security protocols and remaining vigilant against evolving threats, we fortify your defenses and protect your critical data.

Scalability & Growth

Fuel your business's expansion with our managed IT services in Vancouver. Our flexible solutions adapt to your evolving needs, whether it's scaling your workforce, launching new products, or optimizing internal processes. Partner with us for a technology framework that drives seamless growth.

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Our Managed IT Services in Vancouver

Unlock the full potential of your business with F12, Vancouver’s trusted provider of managed IT services. Our top-notch solutions prioritize your security and offer comprehensive support and data protection. Experience peace of mind and elevate your business with F12 by your side.

Administration of systems

Effortlessly manage your systems with F12 Connect, our exclusive service enablement tool. Take control of onboarding, offboarding, and subscription licensing assignments with ease. As the leading provider of managed IT services in Vancouver, F12 ensures smooth and seamless system administration.

Responsive IT Support

Count on F12 for the most responsive IT support team in Vancouver. Our highly skilled technicians are available at your convenience, providing assistance via phone, email, or with just a simple request. We prioritize your satisfaction and track the performance of your service requests, backed by our service-level agreements.

Proactive Management

Experience the peace of mind that comes with F12’s proactive management approach. Our dedicated team ensures your systems are always up and running, securely backed up, and regularly patched. No longer will urgent matters overshadow the important ones. F12 goes the extra mile by investing in external validation to minimize disruptions and fortify your data security.

Reporting & 24/7 Monitoring

Stay informed with F12’s industry-leading management, monitoring, and reporting tools, which are standard with our comprehensive managed IT support solutions. Additionally, we provide 24/7 emergency IT support, guaranteeing seamless tracking and resolution of any issues. Trust F12 to monitor your IT systems around the clock, giving you peace of mind.

Backup Management

Ensure the safety of your server data with F12’s automatic off-site backups in secure Canadian data centers. Your backups are encrypted during transit and at rest, stored in our certified sovereign cloud facilities. F12 offers tailor-made disaster recovery solutions to meet even the most ambitious recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Support & Deployment

Experience seamless systems support and streamlined deployment with F12’s diligent collaboration with third-party software and hardware providers. We provide front-line support, escalating issues efficiently and effectively. Let F12 handle your remote deployment requests while ensuring optimal integration. Trust F12, the premier managed IT services company in Vancouver.

Built-in CyberSecurity

At F12, cybersecurity is our top priority. Benefit from our managed IT solutions built from the ground up with robust cybersecurity measures. Advanced endpoint protection is a standard feature, ensuring your systems are secure. F12 adheres to international security standards, including NIST, ITSG-33, CAN/CIOSC 104, and the latest CIS Controls. Our commitment to security is evident through annual auditing under SOC 2 Type 2 and continuous collaboration with third-party testers to enhance our offerings.

IT Compliance

F12 is annually subjected to a comprehensive SOC 2 Type 2 audit that assesses our privacy, security, confidentiality, and availability controls and practices. This audit applies not only to our Vancouver-based data centers, but also extends to all our managed IT services practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are typical managed IT Services packages?
  • What can I expect from a managed IT engagement?
  • What is the monthly cost for managed IT services in Vancouver?
  • Is it better to hire a tech or a managed service provider (MSP)?
  • How do I know if need to change my managed IT provider?

What are typical managed IT Services packages?

Typical managed IT services packages in Vancouver may include a range of solutions such as network monitoring, cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, cloud services, helpdesk support, IT infrastructure management, and proactive maintenance. These packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in Vancouver.

What can I expect from a managed IT engagement?

Engaging with a managed IT service provider in Vancouver allows businesses to expect proactive monitoring of their IT infrastructure, rapid issue resolution, regular software updates, data security measures, helpdesk support, and overall efficient management of their IT systems. This helps optimize operations and ensures reliable IT support.

What is the monthly cost for managed IT services in Vancouver?

The monthly cost for managed IT services in Vancouver will depend on the size of the business, the complexity of the IT infrastructure, and the specific services included. You can expect to pay between $100 and $500 per person. But, it is best to get a personalized quote that’s built for your unique business needs.

Is it better to hire a tech or a managed service provider (MSP)?

Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) in Vancouver offers numerous advantages compared to hiring an individual tech. MSPs provide comprehensive IT support, expertise across various areas, proactive monitoring, 24/7 helpdesk support, and scalability. They ensure efficient IT operations, data security, and allow businesses to focus on their core objectives.

How do I know if need to change my managed IT provider?

Consider changing your managed IT provider in Vancouver if you experience consistent service issues, lack of responsiveness, inadequate support, insufficient expertise, or if your current provider does not meet your evolving IT needs. It’s important to choose a provider that aligns with your business goals and offers reliable and efficient IT support.

Canadian Businesses Trust Us

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F12 is innovative and most importantly supportive and dependable when it comes to entrusting them with all of our computer and network needs.
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I share my secret to IT success with colleagues at every opportunity: F12, my managed service provider.

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