Microsoft Teams Training

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This short tour will give you an overview of Microsoft Teams.  And, you only need 5 minutes to take each training session!

To begin, start your training in the window below, or click in the list to launch Microsoft Teams Training in a new tab.
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  1. Basics – 5-minute primer.
  2. Tips & Tricks – Key must-knows.
  3. Chats & Meetings – Basic functions of chats and meetings.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform with many benefits in one tool. Even better, Teams is part of Office 365. So, chances are you already have this great product! Perhaps you use its basic functions but have not explored its many features. This is why training is so important.

In today’s work-from-anywhere world, Teams is an affordable solution to a long list of needs:

  1. On-Demand Chat – quickly connect with your team.
  2. Presence – know when your team is available.
  3. Group Chat – collaborate in persistent workgroup discussions.
  4. Video Meetings – connect in live individual or group discussions.
  5. Telephony – receive and make phone calls.
  6. Audio Conferencing – bring telephone callers together with Microsoft Teams users.
  7. Desktop Sharing – share your screen and allow others to take control, ideal for training.
  8. Presentations – display PowerPoint presentations or demo an application.
  9. File-Sharing – collect and share files with an individual or group.
  10. Broadcast Events – host live events with thousands of internal or external attendees.
  11. Office Integration – tight integration with MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  12. Record Meetings – leverage Microsoft Stream to build an internal training library.
  13. Add-Ons – access hundreds of apps that enrich Microsoft Teams.

Make the Most of Teams

If you are not already using Microsoft Teams, then why not go through the training to evaluate the platform?  Afterward, contact about the next steps.

Do you already have Teams, but have not fully embraced it?  If so, direct your team to the training above. Then, be sure to ask F12 how we can make the most of your Microsoft Teams subscription.

Indeed, this is one tool that, after you use it, you will wonder how your business ever ran without it!