Recruitment Process

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F12 hires only the best of the best. Learn more about our unique recruitment process.

by: Leanne Yeatman, Chief of Staff

F12 is made up of our “Networkers”—a talented team of driven individuals with a shared passion for IT and customer service. But how did we get so good at attracting and retaining the top talent in our field? Let me break down our recruitment process, as well as how our great finds directly benefit our clients.

The F12 Recruitment Process

All of our candidates come in through a central hiring portal. They’ll go through basic screening. Following that, the People & Development team will interview each applicant for the department or role that we’ve deemed them best suited for. We like matching the talent to the work!

No matter what level you’re coming to us from, every applicant goes through the same recruitment process. We’ve ironed out all the kinks, and we know what works.

How long does it take to get hired at F12?

This depends on the area of expertise we need you for! On average, the overall process is around 60 days from your first application to receiving your job offer.

Interested in joining the team at F12 and becoming a Networker? Check out our job opportunities here.

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