F12 is an Apple Authorized Reseller

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Use Apple products at work now—F12 is Apple authorized.Does your business use Apple products? Looking for a macOS friendly IT partner? Good news – F12.net embraces Apple devices.

Love working with Apple products, but find resistance from IT when you try to bring your device to work? Is your IT Managed Service Provider reluctant to support Apple devices? Are you searching for an Apple friendly Managed IT Services partner?  We hear you, which is why we are proud that F12 is an Apple Authorized Reseller and includes Apple device support in our standard service contracts.

“We support, secure, and manage any organization, whether you are using Windows devices or macOS devices,” says Calvin Engen, CTO at F12. “Our aim is to meet your needs and help you run your business as efficiently and productively as possible. For many, that means using Apple devices.”

Streamline your Apple fleet with F12 Device-as-a-Service

F12’s accreditation as an Apple Authorized Reseller means we’ve expanded our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering to include the supply and service of select iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro devices.

“Many of our clients use macOS and asked us to include Apple Devices in their monthly F12 DaaS service,” says Alex Webb, CEO of F12. “Thanks to our reseller status with Apple, we are proud to include select Apple products in F12 DaaS. You can be confident F12 will fully support Apple products, both from a technical and security angle.”

F12’s No Touch Deployment Means You Get Apple Support Wherever You Are, When You Need It

Whether you’re a current F12 client and already use Apple products or are in search of an macOS IT partner, you can benefit from our best-in-class service and support. Our no-touch deployment solution will supply and load your Apple device with all required software and security services. And when you need support, F12’s Apple support technicians will provide timely service, including backup restoration within 24 hours.

“We offer macOS users the same security and service experience as our Microsoft Windows OS users,” says Engen.

“Apple is all about the user experience. F12 shares this value and aims to deliver the best IT experience,” says Webb. “This is an opportunity for F12 to help organizations more easily adopt Apple devices into their business technology strategy.”

Interested in discussing how F12 can help you secure and manage your Apple technology experience?  Email sales@f12.net.

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