Does My Company Need a CIO?

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Is your IT strategy aligned with your business goals? Using technology as a business efficiency has become key to a company’s success. To that end, a new C-suite role has evolved: the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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F12 CMO Devon Gillard recently chatted with our two virtual CIOs, Chris Pickard and Brandon Peters, to share their experiences, as well as discuss the vital role a CIO can play within any organization.

Does My Company Need a CIO Insights

How does a CIO fit into the structure of the C-suite?

Brandon explains the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at [3:09] as one that aligns strategy with overall business goals.

The CIO looks at the inner working of the business as compared to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who looks at the outside working of the business, says Chris at [4:25]. 

A CIO cannot replace an IT manager, Devon clarifies at [10:20]. Having an Operations Manager alongside a COO is a strategic asset. Similarly, a CIO works on the strategic technology front while an IT manager works the operations.

What can a Chief Information Officer uniquely bring to the table?

Devon neatly illustrates technology’s “hype cycle” at [15:15]. New innovation is highly talked about before slowly fading into the background. Accordingly, a CIO helps assess whether or not that hyped technology is the right move for the company.

A CIO could be the competitive edge that your company needs. Although the size of the company does not matter, Brandon explains at [22:10], having someone to give sound advice on technology can make a huge difference. 

Chris explains how teachers often need to refresh their skills and knowledge by looking to experts at [23:55]. Likewise, CIOs can bring in the unique outside expertise required to complete a project or reach a target.

How can a smaller business benefit from a vCIO?

Fractional, or virtual, CIOs can be the right fit for SMEs. At [33:11], Chris suggests that a CIO can be engaged at a point in time where your business and its needs are changing and evolving.

Chris and Brandon discuss their on-going training, learning, and innovation discovery at [38:36]. For this purpose, they partner with Info-Tech, a company that’s a go-to, trusted source for technology research and trends.

Having that outside neutral party can be what your business needs to grow and overcome that latest hurdle, conclude Brandon and Devon at [43:44]. As a result, the impartial outside party can complete your C-suite hierarchy.

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