July 2023 F12 Digest – Cloud Sovereignty

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the heat of the July F12 Digest about Cloud Sovereignty

Things are heating up…

Even though the thermometer is reading hot hot hot, at F12, we’re keeping our cool. We’re focusing our attention on sovereign cloud technology as a key way to simplify compliance, reduce jurisdictional exposure, and improve cloud performance for our clients.

Recent developments in international law mean data residency no longer provides data sovereignty. Crazy but true (check out our whitepaper below).

What makes our sovereign cloud so hot? It’s 100% Canadian-owned and operated, meaning if you’re an F12 sovereign cloud client, all of your data and metadata remain on “sovereign” soil—in our case, Canada. Foreign entities cannot access it, nor is it subject to foreign laws. It can’t be transferred across borders and remains in one jurisdiction.

We’re pretty passionate about the possibilities of cloud sovereignty, and could chat about it all day—that’s why this newsletter is chock full of info on the topic, including a complimentary whitepaper available to download and an explainer video with our CTO Calvin Engen to answer all your cloud data questions. (But don’t worry, we’ve still got your monthly roundup of the latest tech news from across the country and around the globe.)

Get out of the heat—it’s nice and cool in the cloud.


Canadian Cloud Sovereignty

Sovereign Solutions

What is the sovereign cloud? Get the low-down on sovereign cloud solutions and why it’s important for your data’s security in this free whitepaper from F12.

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Calvin explains sovereign cloud services.

Calvin Talks Cloud

Need a quick and easy sovereign cloud tutorial? CTO Calvin Engen breaks it down for you in this video. Learn why where your data lives is more meaningful than ever.

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Webcast banner showing man holding cog in gears and banner says "discover the secrets to successful data integration"

Data Integration

Discover the secrets to successful data integration in our upcoming webcast with Derek Marley of Propel Integration Partners. Register now, tune in on July 26th.

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Essentials of Effective IT Management webcast poster

Effective IT Management 

Join our panel of experts as they break down the essentials of effective IT management in our latest webcast featuring our CMO, CTO, and Compliance and Operations Manager.

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Screencap of M&A Video Series: Success Planning

M&A Video Tip #2

Michael Contento outlines his experience with succession planning, and explains why it’s absolutely necessary to consider when getting ready to sell your business.

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Always Get It in Emojis

A Saskatchewan farmer is definitely regretting his use of the thumbs-up emoji when a judge ruled the symbol a binding contractual agreement. Find out how much it cost him.

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The Numbers Are In

With the artificial intelligence revolution sweeping across the globe, investors have been waiting to see if all the hype will actually pay off. Well—the earnings are being posted.

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Remember This?

Back in 2001, we met ChatGPT’s (way) older brother, SmarterChild. Check out how the technology opened “Pandora’s box”—and why its founder wishes we could close it.

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