June 2023 F12 Digest – Cybersecurity & ESG

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With great weather comes great responsibility…

It’s finally here: summertime! As the sun shines brighter and the breeze gets warmer, Canadians from every corner are shedding their winter gear and slipping on stylish shades, feeling the sweet relief of summer.

But unless you’re in grade school, summertime doesn’t mean eschewing all the responsibilities of real life, and at F12, there’s one thing we never let fall to the wayside: your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity plays many roles in business, but one that’s often overlooked is its role in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.  That’s why this month, F12 proudly joined Greenworks ESG for a landmark event in Calgary, promoting technology as a pillar of ESG. The business world is increasingly turning to its framework to guide investments and operations, with even Uber getting in on the action.

Cybersecurity is central to the “G” in an organization’s ESG: Governance. By prioritizing cybersecurity, companies demonstrate their commitment to upholding their legal and ethical responsibilities within their industry, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The best way to ensure your business has a great summer (and the rest of the year!) is by getting your technology needs analyzed to make sure they’re supporting not only your business operations but your corporate obligations to society, too.

Let’s dive in together,


Greenworks ESG + F12 Recap

The landmark event with Greenworks ESG featuring F12 was a huge success. Our pioneering CTO Calvin Engen participated in discussions about collective sustainability, and how cybersecurity features as a key pillar in Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities. Check out some pics from this inspiring event!

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Cybersecurity & ESG Compliance

Uncover the importance of cybersecurity in ESG frameworks. Learn why it goes beyond just data protection, and how to implement it in business.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Management

Compliance Measures

F12 CTO Calvin Engen shares how seriously we take cybersecurity compliance (we’ve got the certifications to prove it!), and how we keep our clients secure.

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Maximize IT Efficiency 

Discover the key elements of effective IT management in our exclusive webcast featuring Mike Maillet and Mike Gilbert of F12 on July 5, 2023. Register now to save your seat!



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