May 2023 F12 Digest – License to Kill Risk Recap

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Wow, what a month…

As we step into June, we are excited to share with you the incredible highlights from last month. Our highly anticipated License to Kill Risk events took place across the country, leaving a trail of great success in their wake. Prepare yourself for a journey through the thrilling world of cyber counter-intelligence tradecraft as we recap the unforgettable moments that unfolded in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.

For those experiencing FOMO, fret not! We have a treasure trove of captivating photographs that will transport you into the heart of the action.

A big thank you…

Our events couldn’t have been successful without the help of our amazing vendors! Big thanks to each of them for all their support.

Digital transformation is everywhere you look, and there’s a fresh sense of excitement in the Canadian tech landscape. The future is brighter than ever for Canadian tech startups, according to venture capitalists, and Canada-based AI companies are gaining global attention for their advances in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

But remember that with all the excitement of new tech, it’s important to not let your cybersecurity grow lax. That’s why we at F12 are always here, staying on top of the latest innovative trends (just like Bond’s famous Q) and warding off cybercriminals before they infiltrate your business.

Bring it, June, we’re ready for you.

The F12 Team

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