When is IT Service Management (ITSM) right for you?

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IT Service Management (ITSM) supports your internal IT department, making them more proactive and productive. 

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Running an IT department can be a thankless, stressful job.

Staff rely on technology to get their work done, but only notice when it’s not working properly. And if you’re already running a tight ship or expanding your business but haven’t expanded your IT department, they’re likely swamped with current demands. Perhaps your staff is complaining about slow response and resolution times, yet by comparison, the IT department feels stretched thin. Although the demands on your IT department are increasing, they have fewer and fewer resources. Consequently, that cycle means your IT team can only be reactive when what you want is for them to be proactive.

Let us help you.

How can F12 help your IT department?

F12 offers IT Foundation, our IT service management program that transforms IT from reactive to proactive by supporting your internal team so that they can do their job better. As a result, your internal IT team still runs the show, but we work with them by providing supportive, intuitive infrastructure. We equip your organization with a mature, fully integrated tech support platform so that your IT department spends less time designing and maintaining service management, freeing them up to work on business operation initiatives and customer support.

With IT Foundation support, your internal team can streamline their operations. That means responding more promptly to service requests, as well as having the dashboard analytics to identify service trends and implement pre-emptive solutions.

How does IT Service Management optimize my company’s IT workflow?

The IT Foundation program is the easiest way for CIOs and CTOs to improve the productivity of their IT team by 20% or more—proven by our track record. You can check out some case studies here.

Our service management program will assist your internal IT team in automating your company’s workflows to improve service delivery, breaking down silos and enhancing processes along the way. This means you’ll gain real-time business process visibility, and your IT department will have the foundation they need to get the job done.

F12 provides a number of services within the IT Foundation umbrella, including:

1. IT Incident Management

  • Process Training
  • Automated Communication
  • Service Boards

2. IT Service Analytics

  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Asset metrics
  • KPI trending

3. IT Service Accountability

  • KPI thresholds
  • Defined SLAs
  • Closed loop
  • SAT scoring

4. IT Service Remote Management

  • Remote control
  • Asset management
  • Patch management
  • Notifications

5. IT Service Documentation

  • Structured and integrated
  • SOC2-compliant
  • Access controlled

By using F12’s IT service management program, you’re guaranteeing your company a streamlined technology solution that underpins an effective service for your business operations. Contact us today to find out how we can give your internal IT team the support they need so they can excel at their job.

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