Does F12 Outsource IT Support?

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A growing trend among IT service providers is to outsource help desk functions to a third party. Why do some IT providers choose to outsource help desk functions?  What is F12’s stance on outsourcing?  Explore the answers to these questions and more in the FAQ below.  


Has F12 outsourced its help desk? 

F12 does not outsource its help desk.  In fact, F12 employs hundreds of Canadians to deliver IT support services in over a dozen communities and runs three provincial remote support centres: Vancouver Lower Mainland, Edmonton, and Toronto 

We warmly invite you to tour any of our locations to see first-hand how F12 delivers IT services. 


Is it common for MSPs to outsource help desk services?  

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are opting to outsource their help desk department because it is among the noisiest and most difficult functions to manage.  It is true that staffing and managing an effective, efficient, and accountable service desk is a tall order. To be successful, you need engaged talent, vigilant management, and intelligent systems. Those are the very reasons why our help desk services are delivered exclusively by F12’s IT professionals.  

We aim to provide our clients with the finest possible IT service experience, and the best way we have found to accomplish that is to own and control our service delivery mechanisms. In fact, F12 has brought IT help desk in-house whenever we have acquired IT Managed Service Providers who outsource help desk services.  


What is F12’s stance on outsourcing? 

We strongly believe that organizations gain focus, agility, skill, and scale by outsourcing select business functions.  After all, we are one of Canada’s top providers of outsourced IT services.  And, F12 has long outsourced many essential business functions including facets of our legal, accounting, janitorial, marketing and application development needs.   

However, we also believe that businesses should be cautious about outsourcing business functions that are core to their business differentiation.  Quality IT support is core to F12’s client value proposition; that is why we do not outsource our help desk. 


Does F12 outsource any IT support? 

F12’s entire remote IT support team is employed by F12. Where practical, F12’s onsite IT support and project services are delivered by F12 employees. 

F12 works with a select group of partners to deliver hands-on IT services in communities where F12 does not have boots on the ground.  We don’t “white label” those resources and always let our clients know when we involve one of our excellent service partners to fulfill our clients’ needs.  

In addition, we are proud to partner with many top solutions providers to ensure our clients can access boutique services from reputable partners.  That includes specialists in ERP, enterprise print, CRM, application development, connectivity, and other services outside of F12’s core offerings.  


Does F12 employ international IT workers? 

F12 has a few employees who work overseas.  At the time of this writing, F12 has four international employees in non-customer-facing roles.  

By seeking to recruit talent in a variety of locations, including internationally, F12 is better able to support organizations that work around the clock and those with international workers of their own. We’ve seen tremendous benefit in having a small team operating after-hours to care for essential items behind the scenes.  In turn, our Canadian IT support teams have been freed to spend more time directly working with our clients.  

All employees are managed by F12 and adhere to the same expectations for work quality, privacy, and confidentiality.   


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