Introducing F12 Infinite

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the future of IT is here

We are proud to present F12 Infinite – our very own full-service, subscription-based solution for any Canadian business looking for managed IT services. This is the future of managed IT. F12 Infinite delivers on what other services merely promise: it relieves the burden of dealing with technology from your business.

Rather than spending time researching IT solutions, you can go back to building your core business. Our team has got your back where anything IT-related is concerned.

Why F12 Infinite is Different

Managed IT services should help propel your company forward without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business. We built F12 Infinite on that premise.

Its foundation is a solid, holistic approach to subscription-based IT. Think of it as IT’s answer to all-inclusive vacations. You no longer have to worry about constant planning and upgrading of technology. We take the stress out of the process. You get access to a comprehensive suite of technology that remains online and current as long as you continue to subscribe.

Infinite is the end of trying to keep up with IT jargon and assessing daily recommendations for upgrades. Instead, our team keeps track of what works best for your business. We take the time to learn about your unique requirements and proactively deploy solutions to meet them. All of this is part of your subscription – no extra costs, no delays, or unplanned downtime.

We also have you covered for hardware or endpoints with different purchase or rental options. You tell us whether your team needs desktop computers, laptops and what to do about monitors and printers.

Built on Solid Heritage

We have helped simplify and streamline businesses across Canada for over 20 years. As a consequence, we know where traditional managed IT services fail. F12 Infinite is built on creating the best possible managed IT solution, including an adaptable platform, support when you need it, and a complete endpoint solution. We deliver all of this at one predictable price per user.

Don’t take our word for it. In 2019, our team won the Canadian SME National Business Award for Customer Service Excellence and CloudTango’s MSP50 Canada Award.

What’s Included: 

Going beyond IT support to deliver a flexible solution for your business is what we do best. Here is just an overview:


Subscribing to F12 Infinite means leaving your IT worries behind. We keep your business online and your IT infrastructure up to date. This includes taking care of cybersecurity and avoiding problems caused by obsolete technology, among others.


F12 Infinite grows with you. As your needs expand and your security requirements change, our solution extends with you. After all, it is infinite. We make sure you benefit from innovations and can quickly adapt to new security needs. Plus, if the business does contract, we will help you scale down.

Remote working

The concept of working nine to five from an office is becoming more and more obsolete. F12 Infinite allows your teamwork securely and effectively from anywhere. Your subscription includes Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and the F12 Cloud. This means collaborating across video, file sharing, and chat tools is easy. You will also benefit from our tried and tested remote support model.


Cybersecurity may be a buzzword to some. To us it is simply a non-negotiable standard. We are proud to be the first Managed Service Provider (MSP) to have achieved CyberSecure Canada certification. The F12 Infinite platform is built on security. From the beginning, we incorporated the standards set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cyber Security Framework. We also follow the Center for Internet Security’s CIS Controls to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Endpoint flexibility

F12 Infinite’s philosophy is based on comprehensiveness and flexibility. This extends to the options we offer for your endpoints. Choices include buying your devices outright at preferential rates or leasing them if cash flow is an issue. We cover short-term requirements with a rental option. Last but not least, our Device-as-a-Service option covers an accessible three-year lifecycle complete with installation, add-ons, upgrades, and exclusive replacement privileges.

Taking care of your IT needs is what we do best.

Our latest offering, F12 Infinite, combines 20 years of experience in the field, looking after businesses like yours across Canada, with a vision for the future of managed IT.

It is managed IT as it should be – flexible and inclusive. F12 Infinite covers your company’s IT requirements in a straightforward subscription. A straightforward fee per user covers access to comprehensive cybersecurity, remote working and support capability, as well as unlimited scalability.

We are proud to support Canadian businesses at any stage of their development, helping your team concentrate on growing the company that matters to you.